Con-Fuzion a Multi-Genre Pop Culture & Comic Con in Muscle Shoals AL

Layout & Vendor Packet

Individual files, Floorplan, and Vendor List will be updated whenever there is a change. 

The Vendor Packet will be updated every morning if there have been changes during the previous day.

As stated already, if we missed something, have you in the wrong location, dont have you on floor plan, etc,

please feel free to direct message us, and we will get it fixed ASAP!

Vendor Packet Message 2019 (pdf)


vendor list 103119 (pdf)


Green Hall Floorplan 103119 (pdf)


Red Hall Floorplan 103119 (pdf)


Con-Fuzion 2019 Program (pdf)


Confirmed Vendors/Artists/Authors for Con-Fuzion 2019

Con-Fuzion 2019 Sponsor Super Hero Chefs

Con-Fuzion 2019 Sponsor Willows Day Spa

Con-Fuzion 2019 Charity Auction: The William Porter Foundation

Con-Fuzion 2019 Premier Artist: Corbin Delaney

Hannah Deerling   

MeLeesa Swann Author   

Mystical Merchandise   

Emma Trawick's Art   

Bruce Carr No Ordinary Balloon Guy   

Voom   Industries   

Zombie Wear   Shop   

Coffee Hyroko   

Jarod Vickery   

August   Creation   

Pin Planet   Designs   

Amanda Price   

Crow Scratches   

Richard   Fierce, Author  

 Bizarre Events   at Hellman Elementary   

Wildgrube Entertainment   

Fickle Heart   Designs   

Chaliou   Cosplay   

Wizards Comics   

Cotton candy   llamas   


Game On:   Games, Comics, and Toys   

The Scotty   White Company   

Dimitri Walker   

A Sea in   parentheses - Art   

Another World   Creations   

The Crafted   Dragon   

PD Sean Art   

Jeff Chandler   Art   


Cretaceous   Productions   

The Art of   Eddie Price   

The Twilight   Artist   

Immortal   Impressions   

Leighs Crazy   Creations   

Lumos &   Nox Vinyl   

Science   Fiction Collectibles   

William Porter   

Gulf Coast   Collectibles   

Spinner   Rack    

Retro Rewind   Pops   

Red Crow   Comics   

Collector's   Paradise   

TR Morris   Crafts  

Figments and   Fripperies   


Pop Central   

Old Skool   Games   

T-Shirt Guys   

Ambassador   Fine Arts   

Fortress   Comics